What’s special about a Name?

What’s special about a Name?

The most important thing about a name is the value of recognition that a name gives.

Given that the mere mention of a name gives us an instant understanding of what/who is being referred to by that name.

This then means that the use of a name is a very important issue as it gives this recognition so why am I writing this open letter to our Government?

The main reason I am writing this letter is to set out my opposition to any change in the name of our country (NEW ZEALAND). Currently there is a move to rename our country as Aotearoa which seems to be driven by the current government.

If this is the case (and I believe it to be so) then the current government of New Zealand needs to be honest with their population.

The current Labour government was elected with a simple majority at the last election and therefore has the ability to make any changes that it so desires up to and including changing the name of our country as that is what having a democratically elected government and democratic system of government means.

If they have the numbers they can do what they want and the only chance we have of getting a change is to do so at the next election.

At the last election there was no mention of many of the issues that are now being driven by the current government (such as renaming our country as Aotearoa) and it is my belief that many of these issues were deliberately not mentioned as they may have had an effect on the result of the election.

So in relation to the renaming of New Zealand I say to the government be aware that this will be a touchstone issue from now and up to the next election.

My country of birth is New Zealand not Aotearoa, I am a Citizen of New Zealand not Aotearoa, I hold a New Zealand passport not one from Aotearoa and I have no intention of ever voting to change the name of my country to Aotearoa (IF I AM EVER TO BE GIVEN THE CHANCE TO DO SO).

As Hugh Perrett (retired CE of Foodstuffs) stated in his open letter to the Prime Minister (dated 25 August 2021) on the name Aotearoa for New Zealand (excerpts copied below);

“Many, many of we New Zealanders are heartily sick of and extremely annoyed at your Government’s ongoing campaign to bring about a change in our country’s name from New Zealand to Aotearoa.

 This has obviously in effect involved instructing Government Departments and major media (at least) to continually push the name Aotearoa in association with or, increasingly, at the expense of our country’s name, New Zealand.

We, as a country have spent billions of dollars over many, many years promoting the name New Zealand and giving it identity and meaning internationally.

It is our Brand name in the same way as names like Coca Cola, Colgate, Persil, Watties, Palmolive, Milo, Vegemite and many others are brand names instantly conveying the identity, positive benefits and positive consumer associations with them. 

Your Government stands accused by many, including me, of having been hijacked by Maori activists within your caucus and within your coalition partners in parliament, together with yours and their associates in the community. 

Your Government’s whole agenda in this area is TOTALLY WITHOUT MANDATE. 

 It is insidious, devious, manipulative and dishonest. 

Our democracy is being more and more threatened by your Government’s agendas. 

 It is our country as well as yours Prime Minister and I am asking you to back off before irreparable damage is done to our society, country and way of life.”

I totally agree with Hugh Perrett and I say to this Labour government that while you may have the numbers to govern alone this also means that you must take responsibility alone for all of the decisions made in this term of office, whether you have other party members in your caucus or not.

These types of devious manipulative behaviours (Ute tax; Bright-line property rule; He Puapua; Three Waters etc.) which are in my opinion increasingly divisive of our society – even deliberately so, will have an accounting at the next election.

Andy Loader