Power Cuts- The New Reality

Power Cuts- The New Reality

We have just seen deliberate power cuts for approximately 20,000 homes, put in place from an inability to supply due to a lack of generation capacity!!!

But wait we can’t say that because the government has told us that it was actually just a mistake by the power generation companies and a further confusion in getting the message out to the lines company, of how much they needed to cut.

It was only supposed to affect a small number of homes not approximately 20,000.

But the fact of the matter is that for whatever reason, in whatever numbers, there was a need to cut power consumption to in the generators words “protect the network”!!!

The reality is that going forward with the current government’s plan to convert our energy use from fossil fuels over to electricity, without a credible plan of how they are going to ensure supply for the whole country, is just economic suicide and quite possibly will result in harm to some of the more vulnerable members of the community.

The only plan that I have seen from this government is to use power generated in off peak times to pump water into a man-made storage lake in the South Island, so that it can be used to run hydro generation in peak load demand times. The government is relying on the generation companies building sufficient green energy plants (wind turbines, Solar farms etc.) to service the increased demand rather than adequately planning to achieve their desired outcomes.

This will not achieve the desired outcomes without a massive increase in both the distribution and generation networks so as to allow electricity powered equipment to be used throughout New Zealand to replace fossil fueled equipment.

This government has made ideological based decisions to convert our vehicle fleet from internal combustion engines (ICE) to electric vehicles (EV’s) and as this conversion to EV’s happens, power demand will expand far beyond our current capacity to generate it.

Rolling blackouts will become the norm and there will be huge problems with people unable to charge their EV’s (there will not be any ICE generators available for home use) and therefore unable to travel (for example unable to drive to their place of employment).

This problem of electricity demand exceeding our limited ability to supply is going to be highly exacerbated by the government’s decision to arbitrarily ban natural gas exploration and ban the use of coal and the use of natural gas power in the near future.

This is just another classic example of the current government’s ideological based decision making being totally removed from the reality of life with the population paying the price for those ridiculous decisions!!!

Andy Loader