Most Open & Transparent Government; The one Source of Truth

Most Open & Transparent Government; The one Source of Truth

Two statements made by Jacinda Ardern in relation to her government that have both been proved to be at best wrong and at worst untruths.

This Labour government led by Ardern has been making changes to the legislation of New Zealand under urgency, without allowing for adequate consultation, that has eliminated democratic rights of the voters of New Zealand.

They have begun to implement a hidden agenda based on the He Puapua report that is leading to an apartheid system of race based tribal governance.

This report, it is claimed by Ardern, is not government policy but if this is the case then my question for her is: Why are the recommendations in this report being implemented with most of those so far implemented being done so under urgency.

It is being claimed by the Minister Nanaia Mahuta that her reforms of the three waters system provide the opportunity for a step change in the way iwi/Maori rights and interests are recognised throughout the system.

This statement is nothing more than a complete fabrication as Maori cannot ‘retain’ something that Maori never had. This is a total distortion of the true facts. It is not retention of rights; what the Minister proposed, and Cabinet agreed to, was acquisition of rights.

Council Three Waters services and infrastructure were created by councils using ratepayer funds and now the Minister and the government are proposing to steal these assets from the ratepayers and give 50% control of those assets to Maori.

Under Three Waters, all 67 city, district, and territorial councils’ drinking, waste and storm water assets would be absorbed into four large regional entities, each of which would be governed by a board consisting of six government appointed representatives (who must have knowledge of the Treaty, Maori tikanga etc.) and six iwi appointees.

The Minister has claimed that the assets would still be owned by local authorities with the local authorities being listed as owners in the legislation.

But the local authorities will have no rights or controls over these assets!

It is a fact that if one has no rights in relation to a thing — e.g., no right to use it, to enjoy it, to gain a return from it, to dispose of it, to destroy it, to control it or to control its use — one does not own that thing and this proposal strips local authorities of all the rights of ownership which proves that this claim of ownership is blatantly untrue. It is no more than PR “spin” on a grand scale trying to protect the government’s image. Listing in the legislation alone does not constitute ownership.

Unless it confers ownership rights along with the listing then this is proof positive that the claims of openness, transparency and the one source of truth are untrue.

Jacinda Ardern has made many statements since taking over office as Prime Minister and has very rarely been challenged on them but it is time she explained what she actually meant when she made these claims.

Some examples of her government’s “one source of truth”:

  • The nurses and police not getting their full pay rise despite being promised
  • Signing the TPP despite being against it when in opposition.
  • Making a snap decision to stop all off shore exploration.
  • Overturning the tax cuts that were legislated for before the election.
  • Not taking responsibility for the youth abuse at the labour camp.
  • The Kiwi build fiasco and recalibration of targets.
  • Changing the rules and making it easier for unemployed to continue getting the benefit without any sanctions on those who don’t seek work.
  • Not helping the Indian students after Ardern promised to help, should Labour win the 2017 election.
  • Stopping us using our own coal, but when there is a need for it, we import dirty coal from Indonesia.
  • When asked, did she know the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi, Ardern had to admit she did not know in spite of previously telling Maori that she learnt them at school.
  • Ardern saying unemployment had gone down, when it had actually gone up by about 10,000.
  • Labour claimed before the election that we will bring rail back between Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga, within 18 months of taking office. Yeah Right!
  • Stated that the government had lifted tens of thousands of kids out of child poverty, without providing any evidence to support for this claim, when in fact the evidence shows the opposite.
  • Changed the gun laws by dropping one on one police interviews in favour of online applications, thus weakening the ability of the NZ Police to monitor those applying for firearms.
  • Promised to build light rail down Dominion Road by 2021 and now have to admit it was a false promise.
  • Claimed that we need harsher laws for hate speech, when we already have adequate laws to control this.
  • Promised before the election that Labour would improve the cancer treatment regime here in NZ, but now it’s in the too hard basket?”
    There will be no new taxes under my government.
  • Kept the He Puapua report secret from its coalition partner and voters prior to the elections in 2020.
  • Passed legislation to prevent public referenda in relation to non-elected Iwi members appointed to Councils.
  • Claimed that the government will not make vaccinations mandatory and now they are saying that with no jab then there will be occupations with no job. Vaccinations will now be mandatory for some.

And they are only a few of the U-turns that this government has made.

Openness; Transparency and Truthfulness seem pretty foreign to this mob.

Andy Loader